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Research and Lecturing

Research: Diversity & Inclusion

One of the key challenges for society and business is the management of diversity and inclusion. This includes the diversity of generations, gender, cultures, sexual orientations and identities. What factors are driving this megatrend? What opportunities are there, and what threats? How do we best understand it and deal with it, today and in the future, strategically and in everyday life? How can economic and ethical imperatives be brought together? These and other questions occupy Jens Schadendorf in his ongoing research at the Technical University of Munich at the Chair of Business Ethics on the topic of “Diversity Management in Companies”.

Lecturing: Media Economics and Intercultural Management

For many years Jens taught media economics and media management at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, alternating between bachelor’s and master’s courses. During the same period, he also taught Intercultural Management (with workshops on Diversity Management) at the Akademie Mode & Design (Academy of Fashion and Design) in Munich.

Today he occasionally lectures at various universities and colleges in Germany and abroad.