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Jens Schadendorf, GaYme Changer: How the LGBT+ Community and their Allies are Changing the Global Economy, London/New York: LID, forthcoming, autumn 2020

Jens Schadendorf, GaYme Changer: Wie eine dynamische Minderheit die globale Wirtschaft verändert, Munich: Redline, October 2019

“The LGBT+ community has made great strides in the global business arena over the past years. Jens Schadendorf takes you by the hand and describes entrepreneurial players pushing for change, among them a fast-growing number of heterosexual allies. By sharing fascinating backgrounds and accounts he shows how progress has so far been made. Yet, this progress is not universal. The world needs more GaYme Changers. This book is an inspirational call-to-action to make this happen.” 

– Sander van’t Noordende, Global Business Leader (Group CEO Products, Accenture, until December 2019)

Jens Schadendorf/Professor Christoph Lütge, Gut! Die 16 Gesetze für richtiges Handeln, Munich: Redline Publishing, November 2014

“A little book that entertainingly shows how we can interpret fairness, honesty and justice quite differently.”

– Harvard Business Manager


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