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Leadership, Career, and Work-Life-Coaching

Globalization, digitization, and increased innovation provide opportunities in the rapidly changing economy.

At the same time, the pressure is increasing on managers, entrepreneurs and consultants, as well as on experts and ambitious, career-oriented young professionals. This requires continuous learning, change and adaptation –sometimes minor, other times radical.

The need for change is not always obvious in the midst of fast-paced daily routines. Or – despite their awareness – those being challenged are often unable to deal with the issue without support.

It is therefore important for high-profile performers to establish mental space for action and future-oriented reflection. A programme of professional leadership, career, and work-life coaching can offer significant support in that process.

Jens Schadendorf’s management-coaching client base consists of executives and managers from small and medium enterprises as well as from large corporations. It also consists of entrepreneurs, scientists, consultants, functional specialists, and ambitious talented young professionals.

Depending on individual need, a coaching assignment ranges from a few months to several years. Sometimes, however, a set of three, five, or ten sessions may be sufficient to achieve a pre-defined outcome.

Learn more about our understanding of coaching as a process and our coaching approach.