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Books by Jens Schadendorf (latest highlights)

“GUT! – Die 15 Gesetze für richtiges Handeln”, pub 2015 with Redline/Munich, written together with Co-Author Business Philosopher Prof. Christoph Luetge, book reviewed/covered in Harvard Business Manager, Zeit online etc.

“Der Regenbogen-Faktor”, pub. 2014 with Redline/Munich, book reviewed/covered in Spiegel online, Zeit online, Impulse etc. and public radio stations such as HR, MDR etc.


Furthermore: articles and interviews in Zeit online, Spiegel online, Wirtschaftswoche etc. on business topics and leaders such as Steve Jobs, Thomas Sattelberger etc.


Selection of business book reviews and articles on management topics in business and general newspapers and magazines by Jens Schadendorf (highlights)

“Die enttarnte Heuschrecke”, (“The uncovered locust. Jacques LeGoff considers the medieval profiteer as the precursor of capitalism”),
Financial Times Deutschland, 15 August 2008

“Mein Leben als Guru”, (“My life as a guru. The management thought-leader Charles Handy made a gift to his fan community on the occasion of his 75th birthday – an autobiography“),
Financial Times Deutschland, 27 July 2007

 “Blutiger Opfergang”, (“Bloody self-sacrifice. The English historian Adam Tooze clarifies on a myth: When Hitler declared war in 1939, the German economy was not strong but inferior compared to its opponents“) ,
Financial Times Deutschland, 14 May 2007

“Alte Strategien neu gedacht”, (“Old strategies rethought. Everything changes – so do corporate strategies. Successful are those who keep their focus on customers and employees“)
Die Welt, 9 June 2007

“Wirtschaften für eine bessere Welt”, (“Managing for a better world. While innovative managers enhance the overall economy, social entrepreneurs promise better solutions for social issues: Growth for a better world”)
Financial Times Deutschland, 27 June 2006

“Wie aus der Pistole geschossen“, (“Like a pistol shot. Why is life as it is? In their bestselling book ‘Freakonomics’ Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner give answers that are as much original as they are thought provoking“)
Financial Times Deutschland, 1 February 2006


Blogger at Financial Times Deutschland from 2006 to 2008


Jens Schadendorf regularly gives speeches on management and business book topics at companies, congresses, and universities.

There, he also holds workshops on these topics and moderates panel discussions.