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Business Book Consulting

Companies are launching business book projects to pursue goals suchs as marketing,  public relations, internal communications or knowledge management objectives.

Books on management, leadership, innovation, marketing, trends and economics; business novels, career and self help guides: As experts on business book consulting for companies we offer the following services:

  • Initial Book Coaching: We cover topics such as aims and benefits of publishing a book, ideas and concepts, positioning and marketing, best practices and pitfalls, project planning, first steps and other relevant aspects.
  • Project Management: We provide tangible support for development of book ideas and concepts as well their implementation up to the point of publication, which includes identifying potential publishers and establishing connections,  and coordinating the project at the intersection of corporate teams and the enterprise’s external project members, etc.
  • Marketing: We provide tangible support for internal and external positioning and marketing of the book, for the topic, for the underlying product or for the author and company, respectively.

We put special emphasis on long-term collaboration with our company clients. Usually, we work successfully with them not just once but over a period of many years – in a very discrete way. The following project serves as a reference:

  • „Innovation Excellence: Creating Market Success in the Energy and Natural Resources Sectors“
    by Stephan Scholtissek (Global Managing Director at Accenture)
    English edition published in 2011 by Kogan Page (London, Philadelphia, New Delhi), German edition by mi Wirtschaftsbuch Verlag (Munich); in all markets also available as ebook; further release in 2012 by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press (China) and by Elsevier/Campus (Brazil).