Books, Communications & Change

Benefits: New Content, New Skills, Innovative Tool for Marketing and Communication

Experience has shown that a high-quality book creates many external and internal benefits for the author’s company.

For this to work, the book must be

  • on a relevant topic that fits the author/company
  • professionally prepared and published by the right publisher
  • appropriately marketed externally and internally
  • communicated to the relevant target groups such as customers, employees, managers, media, the general public and other stakeholders
  • perceived as a high-end product

Such a book thus operates as a premium marketing instrument, but can also meet other important goals.

One: It can be an internal company communication and motivation tool, inspiring employees and managers.

Two: A book’s planning can also be a focus for knowledge, competence and innovation management. In often extraordinary ways, jointly working on a book focuses and mobilizes ideas and knowhow, and bolsters commitment across departmental and corporate boundaries.