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Book Consulting for Companies

Business and management books, self-help books, general non-fiction books at the intersection of economy, society, science and ethics – as specialists in book consulting for companies, we offer the following services:

  • Initial book coaching : We address topics such as book goals and book benefits, ideas and concepts, positioning and marketing, best practice and pitfalls, project planning, first steps and more.
  • Project Management: We provide concrete support in developing ideas, stories and concepts and their implementation up to publication. That includes support in finding and working with a publisher, project management between internal team and external project members, plus ghostwriting, rewriting and editing as required.
  • Marketing: We provide concrete support for a book’s internal and external positioning, taking into account topic and story, plus product, author and company as applicable.

Companies that undertake book projects do so for marketing, communication and innovation purposes. Find out more about the benefits for businesses.

Our clients are firms from various sectors such as manufacturing, finance, insurance, communication, media, technology, consulting and auditing. Some are listed on the New York Stock Exchange or the Dax. Many are globally active, some are small-to-medium-sized enterprises.

We support English and German book projects. Click here for English book consulting examples.

The majority of the projects we support are directly linked to the first, second or third management level of a company. In the case of consulting firms, this is analogous to the country manager and/or the marketing manager or a leading or specialist partner.

Our client relationships are built to last, resulting in not just one but many successful collaborations over many years.